A Potential Leak Reveals That The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Could be Coming to Fortnite

by Antonia Haynes

A Fortnite data miner has taken to Twitter to reveal a spoiler filled Fortnite launcher icon  that- if confirmed to be real- reveals that a skin for Din Djarin from the Disney Plus series The Mandalorian will be coming to the game along with The Child, otherwise known by the majority of the human race as Baby Yoda.

The information comes from Twitter user and Fortnite data miner SexyNutella (you win everything with that name, sir) who discovered the image after an apparent leak from Epic Games themselves. They posted a Tweet showing a slightly blurred image with the caption “New fortnite launcher icon coming soon!”  Despite the low quality of the image, the characters are easy to recognise. If this really is the real deal, then the characters would be coming to the game in the season five battle pass.

Fortnite has teamed up with multiple properties in the past- including Star Wars– so a team up of this kind doesn’t seem too farfetched. The image posted by SexyNutella also looks pretty legit. The only thing is I’m not exactly sure about is how The Child could be utilised within Fortnite. Most people aren’t going to want to be able to hurt the green alien baby, unless you are a complete garbage human being. Perhaps The Child could be similar to the pets in Fortnite– a cosmetic item that stays with your character- but one that you can only access with The Mandalorian skin. Or maybe you can use him as a weapon and force choke your enemies? Now that is something I’d be willing to pay for.

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