‘Fortnite Chapter 2’ Emerges from the Black Hole

by Campbell Gill

The last major event of Fortnite Season 11 ended with disaster. At the end of the season, the entire game was engulfed in a black hole, and for days afterward, players trying to access Epic Games’ multiplayer sensation were met only with a blank screen. But now, Fortnite is back with Fortnite Chapter 2, which introduces plenty of improvements to the battle royale phenomenon.

Fortnite Chapter 2‘s biggest addition is an all-new map, complete with 13 unique locations. This world is even more dynamic than before, thanks to new water gameplay mechanics like swimming, fishing, and motorboats, among others. The world is even more dynamic as well, due to the inclusion of additional ways to interact with the environment. Hideouts like haystacks and dumpsters introduce new ways to ambush opponents, while explosive barrels and gas tanks will let you blow up your foes with ease.

Fortnite Chapter 2

Of course, multiplayer combat is the core of Fortnite, and Chapter 2 introduces a few improvements to this as well. Combat has been streamlined with a simplified weapon arsenal and additional ways to upgrade your weapons at the new Upgrade Bench. A revamped XP system allows for smoother character progression, letting you focus less on the grind and more on getting that epic victory royale.

The game may be all about being the last player standing, but Chapter 2 still gives you the abilities to support your friends. It includes new weapons like the Bandage Bazooka allow you to heal your squad, the ability to carry injured comrades to safety, and also encourages cooperation and support with new emotes to share with your group, like high fives.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is the next major step forward for the biggest game on the planet, and it’s available now across all major platforms.

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