The Five Best Big Men in Wrestling Today

by Ian Goodwillie

Being a big man in wrestling comes with a lot of expectations from fans. Sometimes referred to as superheavyweights, these monsters need to overwhelmingly powerful but still have the agility and endurance to put on a good show for the fans. It’s a lot rarer than some fans think.

Many wrestling fans take good big men for granted as this is a business filled with giants who move like cruiserweights. But they are some of the most talented performers in the ring, and that’s not going to change any time soon.

While there are a lot of names who deserve to be on a list like this, there can only be one top five. Guys like Bronson Reed, Brian Cage, Damian Priest, Drew McIntyre, Dominik Dijakovic, and Sheamus are all doing incredible work. But these are the five big men who change the game when they step in the ring.

The Five Best Big Men in Wrestling…

5. Wardlow — AEW


Being MJF’s bodyguard has definitely brought some attention to Wardlow, as well as joining the Inner Circle. But this guy has not wrestled anywhere near enough matches in AEW. This big man is a veritable wealth of untapped potential for the company.

His cage match with Cody Rhodes feels like a lifetime ago but it was an outstanding match. Wardlow’s most recent bout with Jake Hager reminded fans how good he is. This is an agile powerhouse who is just waiting for a shot at his first AEW championship of some kind.

4. Moose — Impact


Not enough people talk about Impact’s Moose. He’s a big man’s big man, and can lay waste to pretty much everybody in the ring. The early days of his Impact tenure were a little rough but he has become one of the most reliable top-tier performers on the roster. When Moose is booked, the match will usually be great.

A two-time Impact Grand Champion and the current TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Moose has proven he’s a main event player in Impact. AEW has started coming up in conversations with him. There are more than a few great matches waiting for him there, ones both companies should take advantage of.

3. Lance Archer — AEW


While AEW is doing a lot of things right, their booking of Lance Archer is not one of them. The man barely seems to wrestler, and the rare occasion he appears is often more confusing than anything else. His current booking with Death Triangle and Eddie Kingston isn’t doing much for him at the moment.

All of this is extremely unfortunate as Lance is an incredible big man. He’s obviously a powerful, talented performer, and has a dominating presence. Plus, he has Jake Roberts, one of the best promo guys ever, as his manager. This could be a recipe for success if AEW pushes him a bit harder.

2. Walter — NXT UK


Walter has been in the business since 2007 and has had held championships in almost every company he has worked for. At this point, he has been the NXT United Kingdom Champion since April 5, 2019. He’s only a month away from breaking Pete Dunne’s record, and will likely hold the title until WrestleMania 37.

While he won’t be doing many flips of the top rope, the intense brutality he brings to the ring cannot be denied. Walter almost chopped Adam Cole clean out of his boots. The pop he got when he came out with the rest of Team NXT for Survivor Series 2019 was undeniable. It might be time for him to hunt bigger game.

1. Keith Lee — WWE

WWE Big Man

Keith Lee is damn near the perfect big man. He’s powerful, quick, and agile. But he’s also smart, savvy and one of the most charismatic men in the business. It’s like someone took Big Show’s size, then combined it with Rey Mysterio’s agility and The Rock’s charisma. There is no one quite like Keith Lee in any company.

Since Survivor Series 2019, Lee’s WWE career has done nothing but pick up momentum. In NXT, he held the North American Championship and the NXT Championship. It’s a forgone conclusion that he will hold main roster gold. When and which belts are the only questions left.

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