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Fantasia Film Festival

Fantasia Film Festival 2019: Edgar’s 5 Most Anticipated Films



Hello! I’m confident most new Goombastomp readers haven’t the faintest idea who I am or why I have the good fortune of helping the team cover Fantasia this summer, but hopefully my bio below will satisfy those curious few. For the record, I also lent a helping hand for TIFF in 2017.

Ah yes, the Fantasia Film Festival. An off-kilter, lively, adventurous, daring get together for filmmakers and film fans alike during the wickedly humid July and August days in downtown Montreal. Care to indulge in some loopy Japanese horror? Craving a high-octane, bone-crunching action extravaganza? Insatiably hungry for some provocative, inspiring science-fiction? You’re in the Concordia University neighborhood and need a spot to cool off in a dimly lit room amongst human beings that imitate animals noises? My friends, it sounds as though the Fantasia Film Festival is the place for you in the coming weeks.

As is the case every year once the full lineup of feature-length and short films is revealed to the public, there is no shortage of mouth-watering selections to spend those hard-earned dollars on. Fantasia prides itself on its avant-garde attitude, on the communal film watching experience, and serving its fanbase the delightfully original movie servings it so demands. There are, alas, only so many hours in a day, to say nothing of the fact that several films play simultaneously throughout the day. This, of course, means that tough choices have to be made. What films known to us now are absolute musts?

I’m so happy you asked.

What follows is a list of 5 movies that I dare say should not be missed. Have I seen them already? No. How do I know that they will be of quality? I don’t. That, however, is precisely the fun in partaking in the present exercise. I dream that these 5 motion pictures will represent not only the best of what Fantasia has to offer, but will also satisfy my personal cinematic proclivities.

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Blood on Her Name

For years already film noir has been a mainstay of my cinematic diet, with neo-noir filling in some gaps as well. Thus, any mention of some noir coming to Fantasia (which appears to happen every year) is always capital news. The grit, the twists, the moral ambiguity, the cynical outlook on life and society — it’s enough to send one film lover to his happy place.


This movie promises to hearken back to such nightmarish classics as The Tennant and Inferno, which would prompt any horror hound’s ears to perk up. Sequestered location films are always a dubious proposition; one must get pretty creative pretty fast, or run the risk of inducing boredom. But that risk can certainly be worth the reward. An added bonus is that the cast is predominantly made up of unknowns, meaning that this movie could have all sorts of surprises up its sleeve.

The Wrath

Korean cinema has justifiably been on most cinephile’s radars for some time already, with much of the country’s film glory owing to its genre output. In the case of The Wrath, audiences will be taken several hundreds of years in the past to a remote countryside area where tragedy befalls a family, forcing them to contend with mysterious spectral forces. Ghosts? Murder? Mystery? Korean cinema? One ticket, please.

The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil

A recent Cannes darling, this Korean flick throws audiences right into a quagmire of a crime involving a serial killer and a local cop whose brutal tactics have earned him a dubious reputation among his peers. As fate would have it, the policeman and a gangster will have to team up in order to put an end to the killer’s spree — one that knows no limitations as to who makes for a perfect victim. Sounds like a twisty, nasty, violent, and epic manhunt involving all sorts of spicy personalities.


To be perfectly honest, the mere fact that this film is a sequel of sorts to The Woman, one of the strangest films I’ve ever witnessed at Fantasia, is reason enough to colour me curious. Plot description really not necessary!


A native of Montréal, Québec, Edgar has been writing about film since 2008. At first relegated to a personal blog back when those things were all the rage, he eventually became a Sound on Sight staff member in late 2011, a site managed by non-other than Ricky D himself. Theatrical reviews, festival coverage, film noir and martial arts flicks columns, he even co-hosted a podcast for a couple of years from 2012 to 2014 with Ricky and Simon Howell. His true cinematic love however, his unshakable obsession, is the 007 franchise. In late 2017, together with another 00 agent stationed in Montreal, he helped create The James Bond Complex podcast (alas, not part of the Goombastomp network) in which they discuss the James Bond phenomenon, from Fleming to the films and everything in between. After all, nobody does it better.



  1. no-one

    July 2, 2019 at 3:56 pm

    the gangster, the cop, and the devil already played in USA. Released in AMC theatres in early June

    • Edgar Chaput

      July 2, 2019 at 7:42 pm

      Alas, here in Canada, because of all the ice and snow, it’s much more difficult to have film prints delivered so we had to wait the extra month.

      Honest answer: I have no idea what plays at AMX theatres in the United States. Apparently the film hasn’t been shown in Canada yet!

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