Fan’s ‘Metroid Prime’ Costume Brings Bounty Hunter Samus Aran to Life

by Jason Venter

Brenden McCormack, a Metroid super fan who doesn’t even work at Nintendo, has produced one of the finest Samus Aran (she’s the hero in the Metroid Prime games, for the uninitiated) costumes you’ll find this side of the planet Zebes. It’s done in time for Halloween, but if you’re anything like us, you probably could see yourself wearing it any day of the year.

As noted in a Kotaku profile piece, McCormack built the stylish Samus Aran costume with assistance from his wife, Laura. By day, Brenden works at Wargaming (developers of the World of Tanks games. Now we know what he does when away from his computer.

If you would like to see full pictures of the costume, check out the original photos from their creator’s tweet. Costumes have sure come a long way from the days when we peered through tiny slits in a plastic face and hoped the rubber band wouldn’t snap and sting our ears, haven’t they? We’re guessing if Brenden crawls up to a door in his neighborhood, he’ll get all the candy…

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