Creative and Brilliantly Made Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate Victory Screens Are Absolute Perfection

by Antonia Haynes

I recently wrote about an awesome, fan-made victory screen for Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate wherein Sephiroth’s fiery victory screen is taken over by the loveable and adorable Isabelle from the Animal Crossing series. The victory screen was short but so well made that it prompted the creator- a YouTuber by the name of Sourcy- to create a host of altered victory screens. To celebrate their channel receiving a hundred thousand subscribers (congrats by the way! It’s certainly deserved), the YouTuber put together a compilation of their fan-made victory screens. Let’s take a look at a few!

After a cute introduction showing Sourcy’s shock and appreciation of receiving so many subscribers and views, the video starts off with one of my favorite takes on Sephiroth’s victory screen (other than the Isabelle version at least). Minecraft Steve lifts Sephiroth up into the air by the neck and glares menacingly at him as the flames burn on in the background. What creeps me out about this one is the size comparison here. If we assume that Sephiroth is the size of a tall human, then Steve is a huge blocky nightmare-inducing monster when it comes to scaling. No wonder he can punch trees into blocks of wood. It’s fine. I had no plans of sleeping tonight anyway. Kirby also gets a victory screen after having taken down Sephiroth- where he steals his sword before swallowing it because Kirby is an absolute menace- but another one of my favourites is Pichu’s victory screen. Rather than defeating Sephiroth, the baby Pokémon teams up with him. Sephiroth pats Pichu on the head lovingly and feeds him a pear. This is the best friend combination of video game characters that I didn’t know I needed in my life.

Minecraft Steve gets another victory screen where he casually jumps into his mine cart and traverses the flames because he is an absolute demon spawn straight from hell and you can’t convince me otherwise. Sonic the Hedgehog gets a cool one too, clutching a Chaos Emerald with his back turned and uttering, “You really think you had a chance?” before he starts to go all super saiyan. I think this one is actually one of the coolest and could work as a real in-game victory screen. Maybe without the fire in the background though. It’s a bit too villainy for Sonic I suppose. Another fantastic team-up is shown in the next victory screen, with Cloud and Sephiroth joining forces with Pichu and Pikachu. Pichu and Sephiroth for life though.

Sourcy also makes some fantastic generic victory screens too and showcases some of them here. An adorable team-up of pink balls –yes, I actually just said that didn’t me-, Jigglypuff and Kirby work incredibly well. Again, this one looks like an actual team-up victory screen if such a thing were to ever happen. Come on, Sakurai. You know you want to. Some of the villains join forces next, with Bowser, Ridley, Ganondorf, Wolf, and Wario all striking a pose (including a fabulous T-pose from Ridley). King K Rool then falls into the shot and messes up their badass pose. Ganondorf is unsurprisingly displeased. Palutena and Bayonetta play some video games; Mario and Little Mac get in some boxing practice; Isabelle and Princesses Peach, Daisy and Rosalina take a selfie; Solid Snake tries to blow up the iconic Super Smash punching bag and last- but certainly not least- Doom Guy and Isabelle go fishing together.

Sourcy has truly captured a lot of the personality of these characters with these victory screens. Especially Minecraft Steve’s menacing nature. He is a monster I tell you. Amazingly well done and perfectly suited for each character, Sourcy deserves all the subscribers and views for these fantastically made animations. Make sure to check out Sourcy on their social media: Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

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