Fall Guys Season 3 Will Have A Winter Wonderland Theme

by Antonia Haynes

After a successful medieval-themed season two, the theme of season three of the highly popular Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been revealed and it’s all looking a little bit chilly.

Season three is going to be themed around the winter season, which is just around the corner. What was interesting about this theme reveal is how the Fall Guys social media team went about it. Yesterday, they sent out a Tweet about “Operation Jig Sawus”. They really do have a knack for naming things over at Fall Guys HQ. Operation Jig Sawus revolved around 300 volunteers who- if chosen- would each receive a DM with one single piece of a 300 part jigsaw. The volunteers then had to work together to put each of their pieces together. The finished product was a sneak peek image of Fall Guys season 3. It only took a day for the volunteers to solve the puzzle and reveal the image. This is such a creative way to get fans involved in a reveal. It is also brilliant to see fans come together and work as a team, much like in the team games within Fall Guys. Unless you’re yellow team. Yellow team is the worst.

There isn’t a release date for season three of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout just yet but the image that was revealed via the jigsaw gives us a clue as to what is in store. You can see a few Fall Guy beans dressed up in various costumes. One is a snowman with a top hat, another is a penguin with a fashionable bow tie and there’s even a Narwhal thrown in there. I’m all for the Narwhal. The course they are on also looks new with icicle themed obstacles and little mechanical looking penguins. Seeing as winter is less than a week away, I don’t think we will be waiting too long for Fall Guys season three.

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