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‘Fall Guys: Season 2’ Gets a New Level and a “Thicc Bonkus”



Confused by the headline of this article? Well, you certainly should be. This is what happens when social media community managers allow their fan base to name things within the game. This is why we cannot have nice things.  “Thicc Bonkus “is a new “character” coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout  in Season 2 in the same vein as “Big Yeetus”, a comically large and randomly appearing hammer that can meet your Fall Guy halfway across the map. As well as “Thicc Bonkus”, Fall Guys is also getting a new race level that looks like it could be one of the more intense races.

“Thicc Bonkus” is a little more unfriendly than the “Big Yeetus” hammer and looks sure to disqualify a fair amount of players. The “Thicc Bonkus” is a medieval-style spiked roller, fitting in well with the medieval theme of Fall Guys: Season 2. It moves in a swinging pendulum style and looks like it is going to be quite challenging to dodge. Whereas “Big Yeetus” can actually help you if it manages to hit you in the right direction, “Thicc Bonkus” looks set to cause nothing but pain and rage quits.

Along with “Thicc Bonkus” (god it feels so weird every time I say it), there is a new level called “Knight Fever”  that looks like it was built specifically with more experienced Fall Guys players in mind. Featuring drawbridges, spinning blades, holes in the floor, and some terrifying-looking spinning logs, “Knight Fever” is a race that looks like it is going to require some practice to master. Personally, I think that “Knight Fever” could lead to a high level of disqualification, particularly when it is first released. Not quite as many as “Slime Climb”, but still a fair amount. Those spinning logs are what are scaring me the most. I reckon that or the drawbridges will be the toughest elements of the map.

Some other cool features coming to Fall Guys: Season 2 include being able to customize your outfit, new medieval-themed costumes, and a new interface that lets you select a nickname for yourself and a banner for your gamer tag. My favourite nickname I have seen so far is “Trying Their Best”. Too relatable.

Fall Guys: Season 2 is set for release on Thursday, October 2nd.

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