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Fall Guys Gets an Adorable Christmas Advert and an In-Game Santa Skin



Tis the season for cute and kitschy battle royale titles! Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was the breakout indie game of the summer, taking over the Internet and becoming a worldwide smash hit. As a thank you to the fans, Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have released a free Christmas themed skin for your Fall Guy in-game- which is available from now until December 25th– as well as a live-action advertisement to bring some holiday cheer.

The advert shows a cute Fall Guy bean getting into all sorts of mishaps in his quests to obtain a crown (as well as steal a tail from a cute pupper). The little details are great in the ad, such as the same quirky noises the Fall Guys makes and their pattering footsteps. The sad and lonely bean then gets invited inside by a family and they all huddle around the warm and glowing PlayStation to play a game of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. It is a cute and a genuinely sweet little thank you to the fans from Mediatonic and Devolver Digital, who already have an outstanding reputation in terms of their social media community- even winning a Game Award for it. The advert did leave me with some questions though. So is this how big Fall Guys are in the real world canonically? Because if so, they are kind of bigger than I expected. Pretty sure they could stage a coup if they joined together to take down the human race. Just saying.  Check out the advert for yourself below.

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