A Player Has Stolen Every Item in ‘Untitled Goose Game’ Because Why Not?

by Antonia Haynes

Untitled Goose Game is getting a lot of buzz and coverage at the moment- the title alone is enough to cause confusion. With players all over the world taking joy in causing minor inconveniences in the form of the feathered menace, one dedicated person has gone above and beyond the average player by deciding to steal every single item in the game.

A YouTuber who goes by the name TerakJK is the player who made it their mission to take every item that can be picked up in the game and store it in the lair of the goose protagonist. How long would such a feat take I hear you ask? Well it took TerakJK around seven hours to take almost everything. I may have taken a while but in fairness it’s the most accurate way to play. The goose is clearly incredibly entitled and what he wants he gets. Playing him as a total kleptomaniac seems like the most accurate representation in terms of story and the characterization of said goose.

Unfortunately, two swipeable mugs were broken and TerakJK missed the gardener’s hat and his hammer. That doesn’t change the fact that this is a pretty impressive feat that makes the irritating goose all the more lovable. But still really really annoying.

Have a look at TerakJK’s channel here.

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