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‘Dusk’ looks to be following hot on the heels of the success of ‘Doom’



If you can remember trying to download Quake’s shareware episodes back in ’96 or hammering your space bar against nondescript looking walls in the original Doom then you should point your boomstick at Dusk over on Steam. Looking like it could be a blood-soaked grab bag of your favourite FPS tropes from yesteryear it features creepy priests, haunted churches, blood and gibs, an ominous sounding single syllable name and shotguns that make satisfying “click-clack” sounds. If you fork over twenty hard earned buckshot shells to developer David Szymanski you’ll get access to the entire first episode of the game ahead of its release on October 31st.

There’s a sizeable gap in the market for a return to FPS yesteryear due in large part to the surprise success of last years blood-soaked Doom reboot which captured the hearts of old and new fans alike. Dusk looks to be following hot on the heels of that success but sticking a little more rigidly to the olden days with crunchy, pixelized 3D graphics and maze-like levels strewn with secrets. If you felt like Doom didn’t learn as much as it could have on its old school charm then it might be worth selling your soul to Steam for an early look at Dusk.

Dusk is currently $20 on Steam and is due for release on October 31st.

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