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Dreams Collaborates With Mercedes-Benz To Create An Idealistic Vision of the Future



With the recent announcement of a collaboration between the game creation system Dreams and luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz, you’d be forgiven if you immediately thought of some kind of racing game within Dreams or a high end, unobtainable video game themed Mercedes car (If I had the money I would be down for that honestly). However, this collaboration is not exactly what you may first assume. Instead, Dreams developers Media Molecule and Mercedes-Benz have come together to create a game within the creation system that imagines an idealistic future for humanity.

Image Courtesy of Media Molecule

The partnership between the two came about following the 2019 lifestyle festival -Mercedes and SXSW’s ME Convention- wherein those attending the convention- alongside experts- where asked to come up with the perfect vision for a sustainable future. This went through the creation process- in that it was modelled and sketched following original drafts- and this prompted the Mercedes team to approach Media Molecule to bring this vision into a whole new format: an interactive one. This is an exciting prospect, particularly if more brands and companies decide to bring their properties into the gaming sphere in some way. Not so much if it this is done on a shallow, base level with only maximum product placement in mind, but this Dreams and Mercedes collab does not seem to be that at all. Instead, it looks like a game with an actual genre- described on the PlayStation Blog as a “narrative-based 2D platformer- that has spawned from a genuine interest in the concept of a “perfect future”. With the world the way that it is- pollution and climate change at an all-time high and in the grips of a pandemic- sometimes imagining a brighter future can be a positive and inspiring notion.

I’m pleasantly surprised that this is the direction that this Media Molecule and Mercedes-Benz partnership has taken, opting for a vision of a better tomorrow than merely attempting to shamelessly plug their products (not that us gamers are considered the target market for Mercedes anyway but I digress). The images of the game are looking really promising too, invoking some beautiful scenery in a futuristic landscape.  Make sure to read the whole article about the Dreams x Mercedes-Benz partnership- including some insight into the narrative which focuses on a world in which AI have taken on the workload of humans- over on the PlayStation Blog here. There isn’t too long for the release of this collaboration either, with the game being released on July 8th, 2021 in Dreams under the title of “Dreams and Mercedes-Benz”. There will be further collaborations too, with the theme of “Imagined Futures” coming to the Community Jam in Dreams from July 13th to July 18th, 2021.

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