‘Doom Eternal’ Adds in Reference to Popular Vtuber… Then Promptly Removes It

by Matthew Ponthier
Published: Last Updated on

You may have heard how id Software included a fun little reference to popular Japanese Hololiver, or Vtuber, Korone Inugami in its Wednesday DOOM Eternal patch. If you pressed the chainsaw button four times while on the rune selection screen a “DOOG Eternal” logo would briefly appear along with the recognizable tear of the motor tool. It was a cute reference to Korone’s fun and chaotic playthrough of the DOOM 2016 reboot that was equal parts mesmerizing and terrifying, with the chainsaw being her personal favorite.

Keyword in that sentence is “was” because as of Update 3.1 that just went live on all platforms besides Xbox One, that little easter egg has been removed.

According to the release notes, “The DOOG easter egg has been removed, but will live on in infamy… We were wondering how long it would take for someone to notice, and as always, we’re impressed with the community’s speed!”

It’s a bit puzzling as to why this easter egg was removed so quickly or at all considering the game is absolutely littered with them, including a Rick & Morty reference. What’s especially unfortunate is the fact that the one person the easter egg was in reference to, Korone herself, hadn’t had the chance to access it yet. It’s just positively head-scratching all around.

If you own an Xbox One you may still be in luck as the update doesn’t go live for it until sometime early next week. For everyone else, we just have to hope that id Software eventually adds it back in or Korone’s upcoming Doom Eternal stream gives them so much ammunition they have no choice but to.


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