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Here’s Why We’re Hyped for Dontnod’s ‘Tell Me Why’



Contrary to what the title may suggest Tell Me Why is not the Backstreet Boys video game the internet has been dreaming of. Tell Me Why is the upcoming video game from Dontnod Entertainment, best known for their fantastic Life is Strange video game series. Announced at the Xbox London event in November 14th, the game received a new trailer during today’s Xbox Showcase.

The player will experience Alyson and Tyler’s childhood, with each character experiencing their memories differently.

The game will follow the same episodic structure as their Life is Strange games except that there will only be three episodes rather than the usual five or six. The series will follow twins- Alyson and Tyler- who return to their childhood home in a rural Alaskan town. The two experience memories while they are there in connection with both traumatic and happy experiences in their lives. This is particularly so for Tyler, who has since transitioned from female to male.

Tyler is the first playable transgender character from a major gaming studio.

Tyler will be the first playable transgender character from a major game studio which is a significant and positive move for the gaming industry in terms of inclusion. It is great to see a transgender character playing such a large part within a video game and hopefully the characters transition will have a meaningful inclusion in the story. The game will also focus on player choice, with certain decisions affecting the narrative as with Life is Strange. Dontnod have made a name for themselves with interactive story based gaming experiences with choices that genuinely seem to make a difference to the way that the game plays out. Here’s hoping that Tell Me Why will do the same and be another immersive narrative gaming experience.

The first episode of Tell Me Why is due to be released on August 27th 2020 on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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