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Doc and Marty McFly Come to Youtooz as Vinyl Figures



Back to the Future is the next franchise to come into the Youtooz world as collectable vinyl figures, with Doc and Marty McFly releasing next week- on October 15- via Youtooz’s website.

Credit: Youtooz
Credit: Youtooz

Again, I can’t stress how awesome the details on the Youtooz figures are. Both Doc and Marty are positioned with little accessories- Marty has his video camera and Doc has his remote control- with a windswept look to replicate the iconic moment from the movie when we first see the infamous DeLorean. It’s these little details that make the Youtooz figures come to life. I also love the scenes that are chosen to be replicated in vinyl figure form. It can be a little awkward to recreate certain movie moments with figures (kind of like when you’d try to turn a Barbie doll into Batman as a child but it never quite worked. Was that just me? Moving on…) but Youtooz also manage to hit the nail on the head. Even here, you would think that it would be hard for these poses to work without the Delorean being present and yet the scene is instantly recognisable. It just works, Morty …I mean Marty. Check out the descriptions of the figures below and head over to YouTooz for more info of when the figures drop and how to order them.


Credit: Youtooz

At 4.5 inches tall, a surprised Marty holds a 1980s camcorder, turning to look over his shoulder, not believing what he has just witnessed. He wears a bright puffy vest, clean white sneakers, blue jeans and has yellow flames protruding from the ground below his feet. His double-walled window box is illustrated to show the legendary scene where Doc’s Delorean speeds forward, trailed by flames as it prepares to go through space and time. The interior shows Marty’s red vest, walkman and aviator sunglasses on a yellow background.


Credit: Youtooz

At 4.5 inches in height, Doc holds a detailed remote control in one hand, while turning to look over his shoulder, wind blowing past his face, in complete amazement. Behind his back hangs a brown pouch housing his tools. He wears a white jumpsuit, with a black radio active logo printed on the back while yellow flames are seen in between his legs. The double-walled window box is designed after the electric night, in front of Hill Valley where things didn’t go quite according to plan.

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