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Devolver Digital’s ‘My Friend Pedro’ Gets Saturday Morning Cartoon-Style Animated Launch Trailer

In celebration of My Friend Pedro’s upcoming release on PC and Switch, the crew at developer DeadToast Entertainment and Devolver Digital have released a Saturday Morning Cartoon-Style Animated Launch Trailer to promote the highly anticipated indie. While I’m usually not a fan of trailers for games that don’t feature any actual gameplay, this teaser sure is a lot of fun.

About the Game

My Friend Pedro, the slow-motion spectacle celebrating the value of imaginary friends and uninterrupted killstreaks, is ready for you to perforate packs of gunmen in bursts of “holy shit” moments ahead of its June 20 launch on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Developer DeadToast Entertainment’s sidescrolling shootout revels in the absurd and encourages creativity – why stand still to shoot enemies when you can do it mid-backflip hurtling over them, or while ricocheting bullets off a frying pan to clear a room you haven’t even set foot in, or while rappelling upside down from a rope? My Friend Pedro sets the stage for you to channel your inner John Wick, so let loose with some ridiculous takedowns and show us how it’s done.

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