‘Destiny’: Will year one raids ever return?

by Ryan Gulliford
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In a recent interview with Kotaku, the team over at Bungie talked about the past and future of Destiny. In the community, everyone is itching for news regarding the latest expansion coming this fall, Rise of Iron. Also, more hardcore players of Destiny want their beloved Vault of Glass and Crota’s End activities to once again be worthwhile. Here are the best bits we managed to pick from the interview.

Will the old raid ever return to guardians?

This question came later in the interview, but it is arguably the most important topic. Bungie spoke of how they would want the old raid activities to once again feature in the game’s current storyline, rather than just being scaled up to current levels of play. This suggests that the possibility of the old raid coming back is not off the table. This also opens up the possibility of the previous raids being worked back into the storyline of Destiny’s future, all very exciting prospects.

Rise of Iron developments

Comments were made regarding the ‘new look’ of the cosmodrome patrol area in Destiny. It was clarified in the interview that the snowy, updated version of the cosmodrome will be playable when players select the ‘plaguelands’ patrol. This differs to the original cosmodrome patrol which is selectable on the Earth section of the map. The two versions of the area are separated, maintaining the old playable areas of the campaign.


They also asked Bungie about the prospect of custom PVP matches, which is a highly sought after feature by the community. This question itself was not answered, but Bungie talked about how excited they are to reveal some new crucible features, including modes and maps. Overall, custom matches most likely won’t come anytime soon, but Guardians will remain optimistic.

That’s all for now, but the quest to search for Destiny news will go on and you can check back here for the latest updates. Let us know if you’re excited for more Rise of Iron news coming this summer.


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