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Deepfake Video Shows What Harrison Ford Would Have Looked Like in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’



The Star Wars spin off/ prequel film Solo: A Star Wars Story was somewhat lukewarmly received upon its release in May 2018. Although the film itself wasn’t particularly bad, it became a box office bomb and is the lowest grossing live action film in the Star Wars series. Lead actor Alden Ehrenreich took on the iconic role of Han Solo following an extensive casting search across Hollywood. It was never going to be easy to step into the role of such a well-known and beloved character, effectively replacing actor Harrison Ford. Ehrenreich gave a brilliant performance and nailed Ford’s mannerisms as Han Solo but there is always going to be something missing simply due to the fact that Ehrenreich is not Ford. However, this fan made deep fake video- from YouTuber Shamook- shows what a Han Solo film could have looked with a young Harrison Ford.

The video shows off several scenes from the movie with Harrison Ford’s young image modified on top of Alden Ehrenreich’s face. The result is surprisingly powerful. I really enjoyed Solo and think Ehrenreich was great. He was fighting a losing battle in fairness to him. No one was ever going to replace Ford as Han Solo. Upon watching the video, I instantly felt that same connection to Han as a character that I did when watching the original films. The height is a little off-putting (Ford is 6ft whilst Ehrenreich is shorter) but it definitely felt more akin to the classic Star Wars films. There is even  nice inclusion at the end of Billy Dee Williams deep faked onto Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian. The video shows just how well these two actors- Ehrenreich and Glover- did when it came to replicating the mannerisms of Ford and Williams as Han and Lando.

Check out the whole video below and for more of Shamook’s content and deepfakes (including a cool video showing what the originally cast Neo- Will Smith- would have looked like in The Matrix instead of Keanu Reeves), have a look at their channel here.

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