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The DC FanDome Event Will Feature a Huge Lineup of Stars



The DC FanDome is shaping up to be a huge online event for fans of DC properties. The free virtual experience- which will be starting at 10 am PDT on Saturday 22nd August- will be a 24 global experience that will encapsulate the entirety of the DC universe, including announcements from the film and television DC world, DC comics and WB games who are responsible for the likes of the Batman Arkham game series and the LEGO DC video games. One of the latest announcements was the huge line-up of creators and cast members who will be involved in the event.

The DC FanDome will be split into six different sections for the online audience to explore virtually.

Stars of both old and new DC movies will be appearing at the event. The newer DC cast members  include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (star of the upcoming  Black Adam), Robert Pattinson (the newest actor to take on the iconic Batsuit in The Batman), Gal Gadot (who stars as Wonder Woman in the 2017 movie and the upcoming sequel Wonder Woman 1984) and Zachary Levi (who stole the show in last year’s Shazam movie).  DC veteran Val Kilmer- who played Batman in the 1995 film Batman Forever– will also be taking to the online stage. A host of directors will also be on scene at the online extravaganza including James Gunn (The Suicide Squad), James Wan (Aquaman), Matt Reeves (The Batman) and Zack Snyder (Batman v Superman, Justice League). This is a surprising amount of stars for one 24 hour convention and there are plenty more where that came from.DC FanDome is shaping up to be a jam packed fan event that will hopefully fair better then Comic Con@ Home did.

Check out the list of those involved in the DC FanDome below and for more information, have a look at the official website.

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