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‘Dark Souls’ Meets ‘Cuphead’ in Fan-Made Parody: ‘Cup Souls’



A lot of the talk concerning Cuphead since its release has centered around the the sheer challenge of it’s difficulty. The run and gun action of Cuphead is intensely challenging, so it’s no surprise to hear it occasionally compared to Dark Souls — a series which is known primarily for its difficulty.

With that conceit in mind, 64 Bits have created a glorious mash-up of the two known as Cup Souls. The video, featured below, contains dozens of nods to the Dark Souls series, only with Cupdhead‘s signature old-school, animated look.

Notorious bosses like Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough are re-made here with the lush animation style of Cuphead, while Oscar of Astora and Solaire of Astora fill in for Cuphead and Mugman.

It’s truly a joy to behold for fans of either game, and props must be given to 64 Bits for putting the mash-up together.

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