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Cyberpunk 2077 But Make it a PlayStation One game



Anders Lundbjörk Cyberpunk 2077

If you’re reading this then you’re probably aware of the controversies surrounding the glitch-ridden release of Cyberpunk 2077 so we’re not going to delve any further into it. One of the more positive elements of this attention is that it has led to plenty of brilliant fan-made content. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: sometimes it’s best to laugh at these situations otherwise we would simply cry.

A recent fan-made masterpiece comes from YouTuber and mobile game developer Anders Lundbjörk. In his short but wonderfully memorable video, the mobile game dev shows what Cyberpunk 2077 might have looked like had it been released on the PlayStation One. As with many of the fan-made videos that I discuss on the blog, it is the little details that make this work so excellently. From the overtly loud footsteps that were prevalent in certain PlayStation One games to the altered version of the music that sounds suitably retro to the amazingly blocky cars and buildings of Night City, it is all so authentic that I kind of wish this had been a game on the original PlayStation console.

Those pesky bugs have also been implemented into the video by Lundbjörk, including randomly bending trees, NPC’s walking into walls, flying away and disappearing as well as exploding cars. Then there’s the nightmare-inducing Johnny Silverhand with a giraffe neck. That’s when it all becomes too much and the game crashes. Shame. I was having a rather good time.

This is video is a testament to the imagination and creativity of Anders Lundbjörk so I would definitely suggest checking out his channel to see more of his videos and support his mobile games. Thanks, Anders, you certainly cheered me up a little bit today.

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