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Could The Genshin Impact and Horizon Zero Dawn Crossover Be the Start of More Partnerships for miHoYo?



Genshin Impact– the open world, free to play role playing game from Chinese game developers miHoYo- is one of the most popular free to play games out there at the moment, so it is surprising that there haven’t been any big name crossovers until now. The first partnership that the game will see is with Guerilla Games, who are working with miHoYo to bring Aloy- the main character from their highly successful PlayStation game Horizon Zero Dawn– into Teyvat, the world of Genshin Impact.

Aloy will be a free, limited edition character who will be available to those who have reached rank 20 or above within the game. She will become available via the in-game mail system following the 2.1 update of the game in October, 2021 for those playing on the PlayStation 4 or the PlayStation 5. She will then become available for those playing on any other platform (as long as you of the necessary level) after the 2.2 update that will be at the end of November, 2021. All of the details are available over on the official Genshin Impact blog here. You can also have a read of Aloy’s character overview on miHoYo’s blog. The official Genshin Impact Twitter also made a post to show players how they can obtain Aloy’s Predator Bow when she arrives in the game so check it out below.

As I said, it is kind of surprising that this is the first, big, external team up for the miHoYo devs due to the astounding popularity and hype surrounding Genshin Impact. Many consider it one of the best free to play games of all time and its success is sure to have attracted potential business partners interested in a partnership. So why choose Guerilla Games and Aloy as their first crossover? Well there are probably a few reasons for this (though keep in mind this is all speculation on my part) is that Aloy is a character who could blend in well with the Genshin Impact world thanks to her skills in battle, her distinctive look and her instantly recognisable weapon of choice. She too hails from a fantasy world and could make herself quite at home in Teyvat. Even the official artwork for her- made in the Genshin Impact anime style- looks perfect and feels right for her as a character. It is also adorable but that is an additional positive. Horizon Zero Dawn is also a PlayStation exclusive title and seeing as the PlayStation 4 and 5 are the only consoles that Genshin Impact is currently available on, it also makes sense from a practical stand point.

In the comments sections on the Genshin Impact blog, I noticed quite a lot of players querying as to who Aloy is, so I am truly hoping that the exposure that she will receive when she crosses over into Genshin Impact will bring more attention to Horizon Zero Dawn and attract players who may not have had experience with it before. Aloy is a great character in her own right too so it’s awesome that she is the one who has been chosen to be part of the Genshin Impact roster. Maybe this could lead to even more cool crossovers too? If we are thinking of purely PlayStation characters (at least until Genshin Impact shows up on other consoles), I think some cool options would be Ratchet and Clank. They would look amazing in the Genshin Impact style!  Kratos from God of War could work too. Kind of. Not really. But at least it would be better than that god-awful flossing Fortnite take on the character.

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