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‘Far Cry 6’s’ Chorizo is The World’s Cutest Killing Machine



Far Cry 6 was officially revealed back on July 12th during the online Ubisoft Forward event. A fair amount of information was released about the upcoming instalment of the popular FPS franchise. Far Cry has become known for its cast of oddball characters that can be recruited to your cause to fight alongside you. These range from crazed rocket launcher wielding hillbillies to a literal bear by the name of Cheeseburger. In Far Cry 6, the companion system will return- this time called the Amigos system- and the companion that has been generating the most attention across the Internet is a little fella by the name of Chorizo.

The Libertad skin for Chorizo suggests that he will deliver ammunition and weaponry during a battle, all whilst wearing some super stylish and adorable fashion.

Chorizo is a sausage dog (because a chorizo is a Spanish sausage. I want to personally shake the hand of the person who thought of that) who has wheels for back legs. Whilst Chorizo’s abilities haven’t been confirmed yet, I’m guessing that he will act as a mini delivery service for various weapons, tools and ammo due to the little cart that is attached to his wheels. As shown in the artwork for the Libertad Chorizo skin that you can access if you pre-order the game, Chorizo has spikes on his wheels, bullets on his collar and that aforementioned handy storage compartment attached to him. He is also a great size to run into combat unseen and perhaps bite the shins of your enemies. Only time will tell exactly what Chorizo can do for you in the midst of a gun battle but what is certain is that he is likely to be the cutest killing machine the world has ever known.

The player takes on the role of a male or female Dani Rojas (left) with Chorizo being able to be recruited to fight alongside you.

Chorizo joins the ranks of other adorable Far Cry animal buddies such as Peaches the cougar, Timber and Boomer the doggos and, Horatio the hog and our good ole bear buddy Cheeseburger. I would die for all of them and Chorizo is no exception.

Far Cry 6 is due for release February 21st 2021. Have a look at the reveal trailer below.

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