Caterpillar Inc. and Bandai Namco Unite for Creative Pac-man Celebration

by Jason Venter

If you woke up this morning thinking there’s no synergy between Pac-man and Caterpillar, you wake up thinking weird things. Also, you wake up mistaken. The two brands have just united in celebration of both Pac-man’s 40th anniversary and Caterpillar’s general awesomeness.

In a video you might have thought you would never see, several Caterpillar Inc. (the company responsible for heavy construction material you sometimes see sitting idle on construction sites you drive by after work) employees and business partners drive heavy machinery around a real-life maze constructed to resemble those featured in the Pac-Man video games.

According to a press release, the maze is an impressive 29,296 square feet in size, sufficiently large that the construction vehicles look like video game characters as they tool around that space.

“To recreate the arcade experience on a real-life construction site, Caterpillar utilized 6,880 yards of cut dirt from which to dig out the maze and berm (a horizontal surface acting as a fortification,” reads the press release. “In the end, a total of 5,300 tons of earth was moved, resulting in a maze with walls measuring 4 ft. high and overall dimensions of 162.4 by 180.4 ft.”

Power-ups are represented by “Cat Services,” including Customer Value Agreements, Cat Financial, and even the Cat Financial App. Cat part boxes play the role of fruit bonuses. The vehicles are Cat 236D3 skid steers controlled by remote and dolled up in a video with eyes and such so they more closely resemble their video game counterparts.

You can find a video of the union above. It is one in a series of “Cat Trial” events, which find the brand partnering with unlikely companies and completing other creative challenges. You can find more at As for Pac-Man, his celebration includes other components at the official site.

Caterpillar Inc. and Bandai Namco celebrate 40 years of Pac-man.

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