Stadia Wave Podcast

Google Stadia Podcast

Born out of lifelong friendships based on gaming and mindless chitchat, Stadia Wave is a biweekly podcast about the Google Stadia platform and video game culture. Hosted by Ty Davidson, a gaming journalist and content creator, and supported by a rotating cast of characters, Stadia Wave offers both hot takes and popular opinions about the state of the Stadia and the video game industry in general. Nothing is off limits for the Stadia Wave gang, and topics are treated in a fun, lighthearted, and easy-going manner. Although the guys come from various video game backgrounds, ranging from Xbox to Nintendo and from shooters to JRPGs, the Stadia Wave podcast always offers unbiased, in-depth, and informative perspectives on news and culture. Catch the Stadia Wave podcast on Podbean, Spotify, and iTunes on the second and last Friday of each month, and find it hosted on Goomba Stomp for every release.

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