Sordid Cinema Podcast

Sordid Cinema Podcast Horror Movie Podcast

A Horror Movie and Genre Film Podcast

Nominated Best Film Podcast 2007-2015

Sordid Cinema is one of the longest-running film podcasts in the world and has been nominated one of the best film shows worldwide by several outlets including, Moviemaker Magazine.

Sordid Cinema was launched in late 2007 from the ashes of a radio show titled, The Naked Lunch, a show which aired on CJLO, 1690 AM in Montreal.

The podcast has seen several changes through the years, including the name (it was once called Sound on Sight) as well as the hosts (although Ricky D has been there since day one). In August 2015, the crew sat down to record the 500th episode with the intention of calling it quits.

Following a long absence (let’s call it an extended break), Ricky D decided to resurrect the podcast with a new format in which the hosts discuss some of their favorite genre films that may have flown under the radar for some audiences. This new version of the long-running show now focuses more on discussion and less, on reviews, as the hosts examine the selections from a multitude of angles and break down what makes these films so special.

Despite the many variations, the podcast continues to be marketed principally towards students and genre enthusiasts and typically features in-depth discussion and debate on contemporary film.

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