Capcom and SNK Preparing to Face Off Again, This Time on Nintendo Switch

by Jason Venter

If you didn’t grow up playing fighting games in the 90s, it can be difficult to appreciate what a big deal it was when Capcom and SNK put aside their differences and agreed to let their versus game characters beat the digital stuffing out of one another. It was huge, like if Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat duked it out nowadays. One might argue it was bigger still. But such events haven’t been a regular thing, and it looked like the stars might never again align for such a matchup… until now.

As reported on Nintendo Life, it seems SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium is headed to Nintendo Switch. Such a development is signaled in advance by the fact the South Korean ratings board has rated the title for eventual release. It seems unlikely this is an all-new fighting game. It’s probably another port, as SNK has been bringing various older titles to the platform in recent months. You can now play Neo Geo Pocket Color classics such as Samurai Shodown II and The Last Blade, for instance. This could fit right in with that line.

Capcom and SNK hadn’t seemed to spend much time talking to one another lately, but conversations would surely have preceded any decision to bring their historic contest to new platforms, if only because of licensing considerations. Even just a port of an old game with another company’s intellectual property tends to require renewed contracts, and who knows? Maybe those discussions have resulted in new teams getting to work on a long-overdue follow-up.

As SNK and Capcom continue looking to past glories to provide future content for Nintendo Switch and other platforms, are there any of their prior conquests you would especially like to see revisited? Would you care to play a fresh take on SNK vs. Capcom, or are you happy returning to a familiar favorite on new hardware? For that matter, do you ever dust off your GameCube and get busy with Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO?

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