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Vehicles Return to ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ Following Game Breaking Glitch



Infinity Ward has finally brought vehicles back to their free-to-play battle royale title Call of Duty: Warzone following a period in which vehicles were removed entirely. This was thanks to a bug that could not only shut down the game for the player, but also shut down an entire lobby.

The bug involved using a vehicle and driving to the out of bounds area in the game. You will get a message asking you to return to the combat area if you go there, followed by a timer which counts down to give the player time to return to the map. However, one specific section of the out of bounds area would cause the timer to stop if a vehicle was to drive through it. The player can have a little bit of a cruise around for a while but eventually the game will crash. It won’t just crash the game of that one player though. The entire server would crash and everyone would be removed from the game. A glitch that can result in a whole lobby of players getting kicked from the server is pretty problematic so Infinity Ward made the decision to remove all vehicles. Let’s be honest, we as a species cannot be trusted to not break things wherever possible so this was for the best.

The glitch has since been fixed and vehicles are back thanks to a patch but let this be a cautionary tale. It can be good to highlights issues such as this so that game developers can fix them. But don’t be a game breaking troll just because you can. Have a look at the glitch below, while it was still functioning.

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