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A Look at Why the BTS Mobile Games Are Actually Really Good, Plus a New Update for ‘BTS World’



If you’re a frequenter of the blog here and Goomba Stomp, you may think that I have a mild obsession with the Korean boy band BTS. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame for thinking that seeing as I’ve written about them recently more than any normal person would. That being said, I would like to think I’m not just a crazed fan-girl. Maybe the fan-girl part, but not crazed anyway. I only recently became a BTS fan and as well as being adorably charismatic pop sensations, the group are also genuinely skilled at what they do. I like hyping them up in an attempt to attract more people to them and their music. But with their global stardom comes the obligatory merchandise and licensing of everything imaginable. A lot of these brand driven products can come across as disingenuous and uninspired, especially mobile games. However, BTS’s two mobile games are actually pretty fun and unique.


 The recently released BTS Universe Story is similar to the interactive mobile story games aimed at teenage girls. Whilst it can be said that the BTS Universe game has the same market, there is a depth and maturity to the game that most “choose your story” mobile games don’t have. The story creator- where you can make your own stories featuring the seven BTS members- is also a lot of fun and actually pretty challenging to get to grips with, allowing you to essentially make your own mini movies by editing camera angles, positioning characters, including sound effects, transitions and more.  It may be a glorified fanfiction creator, but it’s a damn good one! My apocalypse themed BTS survival story is still in the works but when it’s done, it’s going to be a masterpiece I tell you.

The better known BTS mobile title is BTS World, probably best known for its amazing accompanying soundtrack that was created just for the game. The soundtrack itself is awesome and hit the charts when it was released last year. It not only includes collaborative songs with pop artists Zara Larsson, and Charli XCX as well as rapper Juice Wrld- who has since sadly passed away- but the soundtrack also has some brilliant orchestral pieces. Each character gets their own theme, which is a piece of music rather than a lyrical song. These are my favourite parts of the soundtrack and I am constantly replaying them. They each seem to have taken inspiration from various pop culture phenomenon’s. Just using the first three that spring to mind as examples, Jimin’s themes sounds ripped from a Disney movie, Hoseok’s (jHope)  theme belongs in a Sims games and Taehyung’s (V) theme wouldn’t be out of place in a Studio Ghibli film. I think it shows their dedication as artists to create a fully-fledged album- a genuinely brilliant one at that- just for a mobile phone game. The game itself is fun too and very addictive, taking you back in time to before BTS’s debut and letting you take on the role of their manager. The game is got an update yesterday due to the bands recent success on the Billboard hot 100 chart, so check out the press release below for more information. I’m sure I will be writing about BTS again sometime soon so stay tuned for more!

Los Angeles (October 7, 2020) – Netmarble today announced an all-new update available for BTS WORLD, the mobile game that allows the player to manage BTS’s career. Available October 7, the update includes the addition of Chapter 15 to the game, featuring mysterious stories BTS experiences following their achievement on the Billboard Chart.

In addition to these new Chapter 15 stories that follow chart-topping success from the group, the October update will include:

●        Newly-added 5-star cards of BTS members available

●        Increased chance of picking Empathy and Passion cards from Oct. 7 – 14

●        Increased chance of picking Stamina and Wisdom cards from Oct. 14 – 21

●        October 7-day check-in event

●        Bonus time event with buff to draw mileage, gold and EXP

●        DNA draw event with a free draw for DNA every six hours

●        Special in-store item package sales

BTS WORLD includes 10,000 brand new photos and 100 video clips exclusive to the game, and players are able to interact virtually with BTS as their manager through various 1:1 interactive content.

For more information, please visit the official site [] or follow BTS WORLD on TwitterYouTube and Instagram. Exclusive merchandise from BTS WORLD is also available on the Netmarble Online Store.

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