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The BTS Army are Recreating Memes with the Band in the ‘BTS Universe Story’ Mobile Game



What do you get when you mix passionate fans with the ability to create unique interactive stories with their favourite K-Pop sensations? The answer is chaos. Nothing but absolute chaos.

I mentioned the BTS Universe Story mobile game in a blog I wrote not too long ago due to it being a genuinely innovative and fun way to combine creativity and a love of storytelling with the worldwide phenomenon that is BTS. I myself am having a blast making my very own BTS story and reading all the awesomely written interactive narratives from fans all over the world. That being said, there is also a fair amount of madness within BTS Universe Story. It’s to be expected when you give people that kind of freedom. These range from stories that revolve solely around members of the band telling dad jokes to RM and Jin literally just screaming at one another. One of the funniest compilation videos of odd BTS Universe Story clips is one from YouTuber YouKnowBTS? (whose channel you should definitely check out if you’re a BTS fan. Hilarity ensues). YouKnowBTS? has put together clips of various memes being recreated in the mobile game. I am a bit of a fan of the highest quality memes of the dank and spicy variety so this very much pleases me.

The video depicts stories created by players who have reimagined classic Internet gold such as the ‘I’m at Soup skit’ (one of my favourite Vines of all time), the ‘When No One Knows 6 x 3’ Vine and the good old “Pooja, what is this behaviour” meme that blew up on TikTok. After playing the game myself, I can’t help but appreciate the time and effort that must have gone into recreating these iconic Internet moments.  Army are full on bringing back Vine with these recreations and I am all for it.  

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