BTS’s Tonight Show Takeover Continues with a Performance of Their Song “HOME”

by Antonia Haynes

BTS are carrying on with their takeover of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with a performance of their hit song “HOME”.  The boys perform in an IKEA looking set (I mean seriously, look at those kitchen units. I’m jealous) and each member gets a moment to shine whilst dressed in very casual outfits. I say casual but they are basically pyjamas. They are dressed in their pyjamas. I respect that entirely. My favourite part of the video comes toward the end when the seven members are in a kitchen set again. I feel like they shouldn’t be allowed to improvise as they make a mess. V and RM start throwing food, Jungkook does chin ups on the kitchen cupboards, Jin randomly hits a blenders and Jimin precariously balances on a stool. Literal children. Suga and j-Hope at least seem to remember that they are in a music video. There is also a nice reference to the BTS ARMY- their legion of fans of which I am proudly a part of- at the beginning of the video. When Jimin opens the fridge to get a drink, there are some cans with BTS’s logo on and the word ARMY printed on them. Thanks for the shout out boys!

I like that the group are highlighting some of their lesser known songs in their takeover. “IDOL” and “Dynamite” are two of their biggest hits which they showcased yesterday but “HOME” isn’t quite as well known. I must admit, I hadn’t heard it before this performance. Needless to say, I went to iTunes immediately to purchase it. BTS’s “HOME” performance is another charming routine and I can’t wait to see what they will be performing in the show next.

John Cena was also interviewed to promote his upcoming children’s book and ended up discussing BTS whilst doing so. He seems to genuinely enjoy them- saying that he loves what they have done and enjoying their music, particularly the rap elements. He also talked about the message of BTS’s music- of loving yourself and learning that you are enough. This is also what intrigued me about BTS when I recently discovered their music. Yes, they are seven cute Korean guys who can sing, dance and rap and that is a definite bonus. But their resonating messages, charitable nature and their outlook on life are what make them so unique and so special. Cena seems genuinely interested and invested in the band. There is no shallowness to what he says as with some celebrities, so check out his interview below for more.  With John Cena officially in the ARMY, we are now unstoppable. We shall conquer this globe with peace, love and rocking tunes.

More on the BTS Tonight Show takeover soon!

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