A Bewitching BLACK SWAN Performance, A Dance Challenge and Interviews Are Next In the BTS Tonight Show Takeover

by Antonia Haynes

So that performance was certainly rather eye catching. I think I am even more in love with these boys than I already thought I was (which was a lot). Professionalism: you will not find it here.

“BLACK SWAN”– released at the beginning of this year- is the fourth performance of BTS’s week long takeover of the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. It is a great depiction of just how flexible and dynamic the band is, with a completely different tone and atmosphere from their cheekily charming “HOME” performance yesterday. The boys are dressed all in black and are particularly broody this time around, showing off sophisticated choreography and sleek styles. “BLACK SWAN” is a completely different kind of song to “HOME”, “IDOL” and “Dynamite” but it is rare for a group to be able to switch between music genres so effortlessly. It is not only the music that changes after all; it is the entire performance that has to change with each different song. Their routine of “BLACK SWAN” on The Tonight Show is proof of how good they are this, cementing themselves as some of the most versatile performers of our time. Also, Jungkook has a man bun. I am normally not a fan of the man bun…but damn boy. He rocks it.

BTS are so great at changing their look with each performance. My mum is a recent BTS convert too (she keeps calling them BLT though because she never remembers their actual name)  thanks to my playing “Dynamite” on repeat and she often has trouble recognising them between performances because of how much they change up their look and style. They also properly perform each song, adapting their reactions, expressions and dances to reflect every individual song. They are exceptionally talented and their hard work shows in every performance.

The group also did an interview with Jimmy Fallon as well as showcasing their song “BLACK SWAN”. The interview comes two years after Fallon first interviewed them and they have enjoyed ever growing success since then. They discussed topics like their future, their high school experiences (I love that Suga just openly admits that he was a bad student and that Taehyung, Jin and Suga were basically fighting over which one of them raised Jungkook whilst he was still at school), their performance at Grand Central Station and more. Not only that but the group also did a segment called “Dance Your Feelings” with Jimmy where- as the name not so subtly suggests- you have to dance the randomly selected emotion. In the semi-finals, it becomes more of random scenarios to dance out rather than specific emotions. I won’t spoil who wins but I will say that Jimmy’s Surprised Dance had me in tears.

Stay tuned for more BTS and The Tonight Show!

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