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BTS Perform their Worldwide Hit ‘Dynamite’ in the Final Night of their Tonight Show Takeover



All good things must come to an end and last night was the final night of the BTS takeover of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Hold back your tears though as the last performance from the Bangtan boys is another show stopper.  Get ready  for some retro fuelled fun as the group perform their most globally successful smash hit song to date- a song that has managed to top the charts in over 100 countries:’ Dynamite’.

The 70’s aesthetic is clear in the song itself and with the multiple accompanying music videos but that retro style is amped up to eleven with the group’s final performance. Set in a nostalgic roller skating rink (which is super amazing so props to the set dressers and designers), the flared trousers, disco balls, neon lighting and confetti make the song an even bigger retro extravaganza than all their other performances of it. Whilst the performance is another amazing one, there is also a sweet little moment at the end showing the group using the roller rink to actually roller skate in rather than just as a Saturday Night Fever style dance floor. They are all pretty good and well balanced- except for one. Taehyung- also known by his stage name V- is the only member to fall down, clearly having some trouble maintaining his balance. The others even gather round to hold him up at one point. Honestly, this is just too relatable for a person with two left feet such as me. What I don’t understand is how V can be such an incredible dancer when he can’t keep his balance on roller-skates. jHope is a little unsteady too and he is literally the best dancer in the whole group. How does that even work? I suppose we can count that as one of the world’s unsolved mysteries.

Jimmy Fallon gave a sweet and sentimental shout out to BTS on their last night of the takeover as well as thanking their fans- the BTS Army- for being such loyal and positive supporters. I haven’t been a member of the BTS ARMY for long but this is definitely true. All fandoms have toxicity but so far, I have only experienced kindness from my fellow ARMY members. They are also super welcoming and not judgemental if you don’t know as much as about BTS as other fans. If you’re considering becoming a BTS fan after watching their Tonight Show takeover, I would certainly recommend it!

BTS are also holding an live stream concert- the BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E virtual concert – as well as an online exhibition event very soon. The concert will be held next Saturday and Sunday- October 10th and 11th– and will feature all kinds of awesome content and even a chance to interact with the band via LED screens at the concert site via a raffle. For all the necessary information- including details on pricing, schedules, how to view the concert and more- have a look at the official US BTS ARMY fan site. It’s seriously informative for a fan website. Take a look at the ad below featuring the adorable Tiny Tan versions of the boys.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage of the BTS Tonight Show Takeover. Thanks for reading, stay safe and for all my fellow ARMIES- I purple you!

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