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BTS Take on Fall Guys and Gang Beasts on their Run BTS Web series



You may remember last week that I wrote a blog on how BTS were due to play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout alongside some well-known Korean eSports players in this week’s episode of their online series Run BTS. Well it happened and it was just as insane as it sounds.

The K-pop stars BTS and eSports players Faker, Effort, Teddy and Cuzz from the South Korean team T1 joined forces to take on Gang Beasts and Fall Guys. Whilst their Gang Beasts gameplay was expectedly full of mayhem, it was the Fall Guys content that was the more chaotic to watch due to the competitive nature of the game. Surprisingly, the pro gamers weren’t actually that great at the battle royale indie hit. Most of them were eliminated quite quickly. In fact, it was the K-pop idols who seemed to excel, with Jin, Taehyung (or V as he is known on stage) and Jimin being the noticeably best Fall Guys players. Taehyung managed to finish in the top percent of his race and Jin even came close to winning his game. Unfortunately, he was betrayed by another Fall Guy and fell to his death. Rest in peace, Jin Bean.

Here are some of my personal favourite moments: watching the professional eSports players failing epically. There was something very satisfying about that; SUGA asking where the finish line was on the “Roll Out” survival level (old man SUGA also failed to get through the first round to no ones surprise); Jin, Taehyung and Jimin’s surprising Fall Guys skills (definitely not just pretty faces); Jin then coaching the professional gamers as he clearly has the knowledge and experience; RM whining that it was way too crowded when he was getting pushed around by other Fall Guys; I also loved j-Hope calling it like it is and saying that it’s not entirely fair as a lot of the game is just pure luck. He officially confirmed my own reasoning behind my lack of crowns.

The Bangtan boys can’t be experts at everything it would seem…

This episode of Run BTS was a lot of fun and- to be honest- it made me feel better about myself in a way. Why, you ask? Because I have more Fall Guys skills than some of the world’s top professional gamers and one of the most talented boy bands in the world right now. Sure I’ve played it a lot more then they have and I’m pretty sure I was eliminated way quicker when I first played it but please don’t take this victory away from me. What I do wish is that they had tried the infamous “Slime Climb” level. Now that would have been hectic and I would have been here for it. I want to see them take on Among Us or the Untitled Goose Game next. Honk yes.

If you want to see more- or you just want to compare your Fall Guys abilities to that of the K-pop stars and the world’s best gamers- go to WeVerse, V-live or YouTube to stream the latest Run BTS webisode.

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