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The Artwork of The Legendary Bob Ross Is Being Immortalised In Magic: The Gathering



Artwork Of The Legendary Bob Ross Is Being Immortalised In Magic: The Gathering

If there’s one person in this world that we could really learn a lesson or two from right now, it’s the one and only legendary artist Bob Ross. His calming painting videos from the 1980s have become something of a meme, but a positive and wholesome one. Ross did some amazing landscape paintings before his death in the mid-’90s and some of his work is now going to become part of the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering.

This partnership has come about by Ross’s estate teaming up with Wizards of the Coast, the publishers of Magic: The Gathering. The set is spectacularly named the “Happy Little Gathering” and is a ten-piece card set that will include two of Ross’s landscape paintings for each of the five land types available in the game- these being mountains, forests, islands, plains, and swamps. The Bob Ross cards are available via the Secret Lair line of cards by the Wizards of the Coasts team. The Secret Lair sub-brand takes existing Magic: The Gathering cards and creates alternate art styles and themes for them. This isn’t the first time they’ve worked with an artist, with Seb McKinnon also redesigning some cards. I think this is such a great way to immortalize Ross’s work as well as emphasize the positivity that Ross wanted to spread with his paintings.

The “Happy Little Gathering” card set will be available in both regular and foil editions. Pre-orders are possible for a limited time only- from November 30th to December 14thon the Secret Lair website.

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