Blizzard’s “From the Vault” Collection Is Celebrating The Fifth Anniversary of Overwatch This Month

by Antonia Haynes

I can’t believe it has already been almost five years since Blizzard dropped their online team based shooter Overwatch. The time truly has flown and to celebrate this milestone, Blizzard are focusing their monthly “From the Vault” merchandise series on Overwatch with some awesome and widely varied items on sale.

As well as the usual suspects when it comes to merchandise- such as hoodies, figurines and plushies- there are also some more unique items up for grabs such as an original concept art sketch- which is on limited release- , a Mei Loungefly Snowball Utility Backpack, various framed art prints of different characters, an IncrediBuilds Collectible D.Va MEKA Wood Model and Hot Wheels Character Sculpt Cars based on Tracer, D.Va, Soldier 76, Genji, Reaper, Reinhardt and Roadhog. That’s just to name a few! There’s also a special Blizzard 30th Anniversary binder available for pre order later this month which can be used to store collected art prints from the “From the Vault” series. A must have for fans of video game concept art! Check out some of the merchandise on offer in the images below and got to Blizzard’s Gear Store at the link here to shop for yourself.

All Images Courtesy of Blizzard Gear Store.

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