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Blizzard Unveil the July Products of their “From the Vault” Collection featuring World of Warcraft and StarCraft Merch

I’ve mentioned Blizzard’s “From the Vault” collection here on the blog before and there is more merchandise coming soon with the July haul. The main products on display this month are several concept art prints from Hearthstone, Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm as well as Nendoroid figure of World of Warcraft character Sylvanas. Check out more information below- directly from Blizzard- as well some images of the upcoming July collection.

All Images Courtesy of Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating Comic-Con@Home as a part of its “From the Vault” series this month, including a line-up of new collectibles and other merchandise that go live today! Whether you’re a gamer, a comic book fan, or all of the above, fans can now check out the Blizzard Gear Store to find several hot and fresh items for purchase or pre-order. July’s “From the Vault” spotlights include multiple new original concept art prints of fan-favourites from several Blizzard games, including the Firelord Zul’jin Concept Art Print (Heroes of the Storm)Annoy-o-Tron Concept Art Print (Hearthstone) and Kerrigan Concept Art Print (StarCraft). There are also products such as the Sylvanas Nendoroid (World of Warcraft) among many others for multiple franchise fans.

Over the past thirty years, Blizzard’s players have explored the futuristic cities of Earth, the far-flung battlefields of the Koprulu Sector, the fantastic locales of Azeroth, and even the Nexus that lies at the center of them all. We’ve teamed up with peerless heroes, waged war against unstoppable villains, formed new strategies with our guilds, and even hung out in a friendly tavern or two. Blizzard’s new series, From the Vault, offers players a chance to own exclusive new collectibles from their favorite franchises, inspired by the concept art and illustrations that originally brought iconic characters to life years ago. Featuring products from Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft, and World of Warcraft, the month of July is bringing the biggest batch of From the Vault collectibles yet.

The “From the Vault” series will continue each month as Blizzard celebrates its 30th Anniversary all year long. Stay tuned for new thematic merch drops every 2nd Thursday of each month, including ongoing new Concept Art Prints (with Blizzard 30th Anniversary imprint) to many more exciting collectibles and gear themed to the story and lore of different franchises and characters.

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