Blindfolded Speedrun of Super Mario Bros. leaves player in tears

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Speedruns aren’t just about setting records. Speedruns are artistry. Not only do they demonstrate complete mastery over a game, but they discover new ways to beat the game that not even the creators of the game knew existed. Half the fun of watching comes from listening to runners discuss the glitches, exploits, and tricks they need to rely on to shave a few milliseconds off the clock. And while it’s exciting to listen to them set new world records, some speedrunners are more emotionally invested in the task, and for them, it’s not about records, but about personal accomplishment. There’s a whole science behind speedruns. Hell, sometimes there’s magic too. There are lots of different speedruns, and the rules vary depending on the type of speedrun a player hopes to achieve. It takes skill and reflexes of lightning speed, and sometimes it takes a blindfold. We’ve seen some hugely impressive speedruns in recent years, but those who do it blindly, impress me the most. Take, for instance, Japanese YouTuber ????????? who has released this extraordinary sub-15 minute run of Super Mario Bros.

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