The Making of ‘Blast Corps’

by Ricky Fernandes da Conceição
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Blast Corps is a brilliant concept for a puzzle game featuring a very simple objective: destroy a series of buildings using a variety of unique demolition vehicles, mainly in order to clear a path for a truck carrying a pair of defective nuclear missiles. It may sound simple, and in the early stages it is, but as the game progresses, it can be a bit difficult to control and unlike traditional puzzle games, you have only mere seconds to react before it all goes wrong. While the graphics are a bit dated, it remains a blast to play and makes for an awesomely re-playable experience. Blast Corps was a breath of fresh air across the seemingly never-ending sequels released on the N64 and an evolution of the destroy-’em-up-genre, taking everything we love about games like Rampage and ushering it into the 64 era. We discussed the game at length on a recent episode of the NXpress podcast, but with our month-long spotlight on Rare winding down, I thought it would be fun to share this video about the making of the game, courtesy of the folks over at Game Korner. Enjoy!

This article is part of our month-long spotlight on Rare Studios.

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