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Five Best NXpress Nintendo Podcast Episodes of 2015



Best Nintendo Podcasts 2015

A year goes by fast. It seems like just yesterday when we started our NXpress Nintendo podcast. It’s been a wild ride and a lot of fun and so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to list off my 5 favourite episodes that we recorded in 2015. For those of you who haven’t listened to every episode, I highly recommend checking out the following five installments. Thanks again for listening and if you like what you hear, please give us a rating on iTunes. Enjoy!


5. NXpress #4: Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows with David D’Angelo of Yacht Club Games

In this episode, David D’Angelo, programmer of Shovel Knight joins us to discuss the video game industry as well as the soon to be released Plague of Shadows.  We also find time to list our most anticipated indie games of 2015 and look back on Battletoads and Battletoads and Double Dragon. All this and more…

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life-is-strange-Wii U

4. NXpress Episode #33: Super Star Wars and Life Is Strange

In this installment we recorded four segments so be prepared for a longer than usual episode. We begin with a quick holiday gift guide for our listeners to consider when shopping for presents. We also take a look back at Super Star Wars which features mostly run and gun gameplay, although it has stages which feature other challenges, such as driving a landspeeder or piloting an X-wing. And closing off our show is a non-spoiler and spoiler discussion of Dontnod’s indie hit Life Is Strange. Joining us is Popoptiq’s Games Editor, Mike Worby.

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3. NXpress Episode #27: Resident Evil 4 and falling in and out of love with Nintendo

In this episode, we invited PopOptiq’s Game Editor Mike Worby to discuss what we here at NXpress consider one of the finest games ever made, Resident Evil 4. It’s been over a decade since Capcom’s third-person survival horror/action sequel was released on the GameGube and we’ll let you know if it still holds up by today’s standards. But before we get into RE4 we address a rather controversial article published on PopOptiq that had many Nintendo fans furious.

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2. NXpress #10: Earthbound 20 Year Anniversary & Adventures of Pip

The SNES is arguably home to some of the best Japanese role-playing games ever made, but even among such revered company, Earthbound (known as Mother 2 in Japan) stands as one of the most memorable games released on the system. Here to help us discuss Shigesato Itoi’s masterpiece is guest host, Chris Miller. Before we get to the main event, we discuss The Adventures of Pip, a beautiful tribute to the 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit era that used to be. Closing the episode is our interview with Jeff Hansen, winner of the 1990 Nintendo World Championship. All this and more.

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Super-NES-Console-1. NXpress Episode #14: Deciding Nintendo’s best console

The Virtual Boy proved to be a dismal failure for Nintendo but in many ways, it was ahead of its time. The Nintendo DS came at the perfect time, long before mobile games and remains the second best-selling video game console of all time (beaten out by the PlayStation 2). The Gameboy is the toughest gaming console ever made, sturdy enough to survive a bomb. The Game Boy Advance helped further advanced sprite-based technology. WII led the “console wars” selling more than 101 million units in the first quarter of 2012. Wii U is still home to four of the greatest games Nintendo has ever made. Nintendo 3DS keeps Nintendo relevant as the Wii U suffers in sales. The Gamecube was home to a stellar lineup of fantastic games. Nintendo 64 had a collection of genre-busting, industry-redefining, titles. The NES helped revitalize the US video game industry following the video game crash of 1983 and introduced a plethora of now iconic video game characters, a ton of accessories and it forever changed the relationship of console manufacturers and third-party software developers. Super NES took the formula established by the NES and made it bigger, faster, and better in every way imaginable. But what is the best Nintendo console? In this episode, we duke it out, and boy does the conversation get heated. Joining us is contributor Matt De Azevedo.

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