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Five Best and Five Worst Moments of The Game Awards 2019



The Game Awards 2019 revealed a fair amount of new and exciting projects as well as offering up awards to some of the best achievements in all aspects of gaming this year. There were certainly some disappointments in the show as well as some great moments. There are plenty of points to delve into so I’m going to be counting down the five best and the five worst moments from the Game Awards 2019.

Let’s start with a few honourable mentions first.

Best: The Game Awards Orchestra

This incredibly talented orchestra knock it out of the park every year with their performances and 2019 was no different. Their medley of the best game nominees was fantastic, with each entry seamlessly blending together to create one awesomely diverse piece. They also performed some music from the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima which was just sublime. I wish they had been able to perform a medley of the best soundtrack nominations too.

Worst: My own personal disappointment!

Okay so this isn’t really a valid point which is why I’m just mentioning it in case anyone else feels the same. I felt a little disappointed by the show due to certain games that I really wanted a trailer or some new info for. Dragon Age 4 was the main one for me but I was also a little surprised that we didn’t get a fighter announcement for Super Smash or any news on Breath of the Wild 2.

Now onto the actual list!

5.Worst: General cringe and awkwardness

It happens during any live ceremonies but it still makes them hard for me to watch. Here it was mostly Vin Diesel and awkward interviews but thankfully there was nothing too terrible this year.

5. Best: Xbox Series X Reveal

In the first console announcement at the awards show, the next Xbox was finally unveiled. After being teased under the codename “Project Scarlett”, it was revealed that the successor to the Xbox One will be known as the “Xbox Series X”. It’s pretty simple in design, looking like a black rectangular box. It can be used on its side or vertically, one of multiple cool features surrounding the console. It will also have backwards compatibility, being able to support Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox games. The Xbox Series X will be released during the holiday season 2020, putting it in direct competition with the PlayStation 5.

4. Worst: Games for Impact and Muppets

The Muppet skit from the ceremony was one of the best parts of the show (more on that later) but the category that they choose to associate it with made absolutely no sense to me. The Muppets appeared before the Game for Impact category. This category is meant to celebrate games that provoke thought, highlight important social issues or provide the player with a message. So why would you choose the Muppets to introduce it? Their opening was hilarious but I felt that the combination of this with the Games for Impact category was very odd. Games for Impact is probably the only category that doesn’t work with a skit, so this choice just made no sense whatsoever.

4. Best: Reggie’s Speech

Nintendo legend and ex Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime attended the Game Awards this year- as he has done every year since its conception- and presented the award for Fresh Indie Game. He gave a speech highlighting the importance of indie games and their creators, noting that every game that was nominated was created by someone who started off in the indie scene. It is easy to forget that everyone has to start somewhere but Reggie’s speech reiterated the importance of supporting those who represent the future of the gaming industry. He also paid tribute to Satoru Iwata, ex CEO of Nintendo who passed away at age 55. Iwata was an incredible influence on some of the most popular games today such as Pokémon and Super Smash Brothers. He also had a direct contribution to franchises like Earthbound and Kirby. It is brilliant to see that Reggie wants people to remember Iwata’s legacy. He truly is one of the good guys in gaming even when he isn’t in gaming anymore. Reggie’s charisma and natural likeability made this speech good but his earnest commitment to supporting upcoming game developers and his heart felt tribute to Satoru Iwata made it great.

3. Worst: Awkward Samsung and Stadia Ads

It is understandable that the Game Awards would need advertisements. I have nothing against that. Ads are a necessity for promotional and financial purposes. But the adverts that we got during the Game Awards were repetitive, irritating and damn right cringey. Adverts for Google Stadia were repeated often. In the wake of the criticisms surrounding the platform, it came off as more than a little desperate. Samsung also kept popping up. By the end of the night, I was ready to burn any and all Samsung products I could come across. Like I said, there is nothing wrong with advertising in general as it is a necessity for businesses and companies. However, what I do have a problem with is the way that they chose to advertise these products. Annoying and awkward, the Samsung and Stadia plugs were a bit of a fail.

3. Best: Surprise Sequels

There were a few surprises at the awards show but some of the sequels that were showcased were some of the better game announcements. A sequel to Hellblade: Senua’s SacrificeHellblade 2: Senua’s Saga– was shown to be coming to the Xbox Series X in a creepy and atmospheric trailer featuring a lot of eerie chanting.  The No More Heroes series of games was also shown to be getting a sequel, No More Heroes III as well as a new Bravely Default game, Bravely Default 2 (though it will technically be the third game in the series). The stand out sequel to me was the announcement-or re announcement-of The Wolf Among Us 2. After Telltale’s collapse in late 2018, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Wolf Among Us game was left in the dark. Now we have confirmation that the sequel is indeed still alive and it has been confirmed that some Telltale veterans are returning to work on it. It is not particularly clear what the situation is with Telltale Games as a studio, but clearly there is some life coming back to the company in some way. The Wolf Among Us 2 was definitely the announcement of the night for me.

2. Worst: Fast and Furious Game Closes the Night

One of the weirdest moments of the night for me was the ending. Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez took to the stage to show off a new Fast and Furious game that is coming next year called Fast and Furious Crossroads. The game looked like a PlayStation 2 title in terms of graphics, quality and gameplay. Compare it to the Hellblade 2 trailer which was done entirely in the game engine (I had to look that up to make sure as I was initially certain that it was real), Fast and Furious Crossroads looks laughably bad. There is a certain standard to video games now as the bar is constantly being raised so I’m shocked that this sort of game would even get a proper look in at the awards ceremony, let alone be the game to finish on. There was also a weird Hollywood vibe to it. It felt like the whole thing was more of a Fast and Furious 9 promo (Vin Diesel even threw in a not so subtle reference to a Fast 9 trailer). The whole Fast and Furious element of the show felt weirdly jarring and a tad contrived.

2. Best: Untitled Beaker Game

I already briefly mentioned the Muppet skit in the show and whilst I think having it before Game for Impact award undercuts the theme of the category, it was still the funniest part of the awards. I’ve been a big fan of the Muppets for as long as I can remember so this bit was always going to go down well with me but adding the Goose from Untitled Goose Game was a stroke of genius. Dr Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker demonstrate a new VR experience: Untitled Beaker game. We are then shown Beaker in the Untitled Goose Game world, waddling around and being shooed away until he is confronted by the honking menace himself. The Goose then comes into our world in Muppet form, honking incessantly before stealing the results card. I must admit, I laughed out loud a few times in this skit. I would seriously watch a whole show dedicated to Beaker and the Goose. Unfortunately, Untitled Beaker Game isn’t a real thing. If it had been, this moment would have taken the number one spot.

1. Worst: Glossing Over Most Awards

Whilst watching The Game Awards, it became clear that not all of the awards were being treated as important. In the pre-show alone, several award categories were skimmed over as the presenter rattled off the names of the nominees and the winners before moving on. Some of the awards that didn’t even make it to the full show were Best Fighting Game and Best Score/Soundtrack (there wasn’t even a mention of the composers or artists). Other awards were briefly mentioned in the show- such as Best RPG, Best Performance or Best Action/Adventure Game- but only the winners were mentioned so the other nominees didn’t even get a nod. There weren’t even any examples shown like game clips or the acting performances that were nominated.  It felt like certain aspects of games were favoured over others and it was such an insult to those who have worked so hard on some of these titles. It felt very disrespectful to gloss over so many amazing games and it was the worst part of the ceremony.

1. Best: Acknowledgement of original games and single player titles.

What I was impressed with during The Game Awards was that there was a lot of new content on display. Whilst I did mention the exciting sequels earlier, a good deal of the announcements where surrounding original games.  The PlayStation 5 confirmed a title in a new Gearbox game called Godfall. A rather vague teaser for a game called Prologue was seen. Not much is known but it is being developed by the team behind Player Unknown Battlegrounds. Sucker Punch Productions released a new trailer for Ghost of Tsushima, a single player PlayStation 4 exclusive. These were just a few of the original game announcements and it is great to see originality being encouraged. The Game of the Year Award winner also demonstrated this. Despite being up against really strong competition such as the Resident Evil 2 remake and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, the winner was Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Again, this is a great achievement for original IP’s in gaming but also for single player games. This encouraging support of original games and single player narratives was one of the best parts of The Game Awards 2019.

Antonia Haynes resides in a small seaside town in England where she has lived her whole life. She's a simple girl with a passion for zombies, writing, film, television, drawing, superheroes, Disney and, of course, video games. Her ideal day would consist of junk food, fluffy pyjamas and video games because quite frankly going outside is overrated. Follow her on Twitter on @RainbowMachete

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ricky Fernandes da Conceição

    December 13, 2019 at 7:34 pm

    Hold on a second. Hold on.

    Fast and Furious Crossroads isn’t a pretty game but I’m convinced it is going to be super fun to play. I didn’t care for Vin and Michelle promoting their movie but my gut feeling tells me this game is going to be good.

    Remember, sometimes trailers can be deceiving. Sometimes trailers look great and the product isn’t good and vice versa.

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K-Pop Meets Battle Royale With The Upcoming ‘Fortnite’ x BTS Collaboration



Fortnite has had quite a few collaborations during its time as the reigning king of the battle royale video game genre. The game has collaborated with other gaming properties- such as the Borderlands series- but they have also crossed over into other media platforms from films to comic books. Fortnite has had highly publicised team ups with the likes of various Marvel and DC properties as well as Star Wars and Stranger Things. One of the other media platforms Fortnite has a habit of collaborating with is music and artists. There previous teams ups have involved the likes of Major Lazer, Travis Scott and Marshmello but Fortnite are now venturing into the worldwide global phenomenon that is K-Pop with their latest collaborators: BTS.

The BTS x Fortnite collab will include some new emotes so that you can show off your BTS dance skills whilst shooting people in the face.

 BTS- the biggest K-Pop band in the world and quite possibly the biggest boy band in the world full stop- has announced they will be joining Fortnite to debut a variation of their latest music video. Their hit song Dynamite- their very first song entirely in English- has been topping charts and breaking records worldwide, climbing to the top of the US’s Billboard Hot 100 and the choreography version of the Dynamite music video will be premiering exclusively within Fortnite’s Party Royale mode. The choreography MV will have fewer cuts, showing off the dance skills of the Bangtan boys. The event will take place on Friday September 25th at 8PM EDT (that means a late night for my fellow Brits as it translates to 1AM our time) and again on Saturday 26th at the same time.

You will also be able to download two new emotes that have been choreographed by BTS themselves. These will be available in Fortnite’s Item Shop from September 23rd at 8pm EDT. I myself am a recent convert to BTS’s music thanks to Dynamite (some would say fangirl but I’m sticking with convert) as it is such a carefree, catchy and cheerful song. The world needs that kind of music right now, so I would recommend checking it out below if you’re a fan of light-hearted pop. Have a look at Fortnite’s official website here to see how you can join in with BTS’s Dynamite Party Royale.

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Reality Gets Weird in the ‘WandaVision’ Trailer



One of the anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe spin off shows for the Disney Plus streaming service finally has a full length trailer. WandaVision– a not so subtle play on words- will focus on the characters Scarlet Witch- Wanda Maximoff- played by Elizabeth Olsen and Vision, played by Paul Bettany. The series takes place following the events of the 2019 MCU film Avengers: Endgame. The show moved up to 2020 following an initial 2021 release date, switching places with the other Disney Plus Marvel show Falcon and The Winter Solider. There’s quite a lot to unpack in what looks to be Marvel most bizarrely intriguing project yet.

The Premise

Not much is known about the plot of the show and the trailer offers more questions than answers. The official synopsis for WandaVision reads as follows:

Set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Wanda Maximoff and Vision begin to suspect things are not as they seem as the two live their ideal suburban life.

This is about as vague as it can possibly get. The trailer shows the two of them engaged in a 50’s style sitcom, living a content married life. When neighbours ask them about their background, the couple struggle to answer. This suggests that the premise will centre on the two characters trying to differentiate fiction from reality. We also see Wanda and Vision in various fashion styles, suggesting different time periods. Let’s throw in some time travel speculation just to confuse things even more so.

Vision’s Resurrection

One key element of WandaVision is- obviously- Vision who as you’ll know if you saw Avengers: Infinity War is very much dead. He died not once, but twice. He was killed the first time by his lady love Wanda in an attempt to keep the Mind Stone- embedded in his head- out of Thanos’s grasp. He was then killed a second time by Thanos, who used the Time Stone to reverse time and get to the Mind Gem before Wanda could. Thanos rips it clean out of Vision’s skull. So yeah- like I said- very much dead. So how is he here in this odd 50’s sitcom scenario with Wanda? I’m guessing WandaVision will answer that question as it is brought up by a character in the trailer. The female character- played by Kathryn Hahn who confirmed that her name is Agnes-expresses fear that she is dead when Vision awakes her from a nap she is taking in her car whilst dressed like a witch. As you do. These are all entirely normal situations. When Vision asks her why she would think that she is dead, she responds with “Because you are”. Vision’s expression suggests that he is unaware of this, or at least hugely confused. The show is likely to explore Vision’s fate post Endgame but Wanda’s powers are likely to be responsible for at least some of the weird occurrences and possibly for Vision’s resurrection.

Wanda’s Powers

There is no doubting that Wanda is one of the most powerful Avengers due to her telekinetic manipulation abilities. However, the show looks like it will be delving into just how powerful she really is. Could it be that Wanda is altering the fabric of time and space itself to create a happier alternate reality for herself? Her character has done this before, in the House of M comic book series.  Wanda has arguably had one of the more tragic stories of the MCU heroes. She lost her parents at a young age. Her home was destroyed and her brother Pietro/ Quicksilver was killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron. She accidentally caused multiple civilian causalities, leading to her blaming herself and being put under home arrest in Captain America: Civil War. She then had to kill the love of her life- Vision- in Avengers: Infinity War as she was the only one powerful enough to do so. Not only that, but she had to watch him die a second time when Thanos turned back time. She also got dusted in Infinity War, only to come back in Endgame and almost defeat Thanos singlehandedly. Safe to say, she’s had a bit of a bad time. Losing all the people that she loves more than anything is sure to have an effect on a person. So what could happen if that person has incredibly strong powers? Powers that could possibly create all new realities? Why wouldn’t you want to invent a happier, sitcom style life if you had experienced all that she has?

Monica Rambeau

Another interesting part of the trailer is the appearance of Monica Rambeau. Rambeau is a character from the Marvel comics who was portrayed as a child in 2019’s Captain Marvel MCU film, being the daughter of Carol Danvers’s best friend Maria Rambeau and having a close aunt/niece relationship with Carol. In the comics, she takes over the mantle of Captain Marvel after obtaining energy based powers and has also been known as a hero under the aliases of Photon, Spectrum and Pulsar. In WandaVision, Teyonah Parris takes over the role as a grown up Monica. Her role in the show isn’t clear but we see her fall from a portal in front of government agents. Has she already got her powers at this point or is this how she obtains them?


There are references aplenty in the trailer. From a reference to the aforementioned House of M comic series – where Scarlet Witch goes a bit mad and loses control of her powers, bending reality to her will- to Wanda and Vision appearing in their classic comic book outfits, the show is obviously taking inspiration from Marvel comics throughout the decades. There are also some general pop culture references as well, such as their 50’s paradise looking an awful lot like the I Love Lucy show from 1951 and the use of The Platters version of the 1944 song Twilight Time. The general premise is pretty 50’s too, with Wanda and Vision having to hide their true selves- that of a superhuman and an android- to protect their perfect life. Older sitcoms like I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched adapted this kind of plot device so that optimum hilarity would ensue as characters would go to extreme lengths to hide their extraordinary true identities.

WandaVision is looking really interesting from what we have seen so far. It certainly seems to be diverging from Marvel’s normal film and television structures. If the show stays strong in its distinctive style, it may be one of the most unique things to come from Marvel in a long while.

WandaVision is coming to Disney Plus exclusively in December 2020. Have a look at the trailer below.

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Sad News DS Fans: The Nintendo 3DS Has Been Discontinued



After almost ten years in service, Nintendo’s portable 3DS console has officially been discontinued according to Nintendo’s official website. This applies to all the various models of the console: the 3DS, the 2DS, the New 3DS, the New 2DS, the 3DS XL, the New 3DS XL and the New 2DS XL.

The 3DS was an innovative handheld gaming console upon its release in 2011, combining 3-D technology and gaming without the need for special 3-D glasses. The 3D effect was obtained via an optical illusion with the systems screen- a stereoscopic effect that could be turned on with a slider. I remember the awe I felt the very first time I used the 3DS. It felt like a whole new era of gaming encased in a small and sleek package.

Although not hugely popular when it was first released, sales of the console grew a few years after. Since the release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017, sales of the 3DS have been steadily declining so it is not a huge surprise that Nintendo have made this decision. However, it is still a sad moment for DS fans as it means the end of solely portable consoles for Nintendo. I have a lot of fond memories from my 3DS and my plain old DS. I still remember getting the original DS for my birthday in 2006 and spending the rest of the day playing Nintendogs. Good times.

So raise a glass, bid farewell and press F to pay your respects to the 3DS and the DS console in general. You will be missed, dear friend.  

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