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Barbie ‘Star Wars’ Collection is Already the Hottest Toy of the Year



This month, we’ve been writing a bit about our favourite toys growing up including one of Mattel’s biggest success stories, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. While we haven’t yet had a chance to write about Barbie we figured we should share the following announcement about the latest and hottest Barbie dolls coming to a galaxy near you.

There is an infinite amount of Star Wars merchandise out there and there are just as many Barbie dolls, but now the two biggest toys lines will cross paths thanks to this new collaboration between Mattel and Disney that will see three Star Wars-themed Barbie dolls hit store shelves later this year.

Unveiled on Twitter, the officially titled “Star Wars x Barbie” collaboration is comprised of a trio of Barbie dolls dressed in designs celebrating the original concept art from A New Hope. Priced at $100 each, the Barbie dolls which go on sale Nov. 18, have already made it into the top 20 of Amazon’s best-selling toys via preorder sales. Chances are, these dolls will sell out fast so if you are interested in buying one, we recommend you don’t hesitate.

“The unique aspects of this come from the collaboration of two unique icons that truly stand alone,” Barbie designer Robert Best said. “Barbie and Star Wars are cultural phenomena like no others and so it’s exciting to bring these two worlds together. I also think it might be an unexpected collaboration and I love that.”


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