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Anime Ichiban 36: The Irony of Trash Tastes



OreImo Kirino

The crew takes a trip back to 2010 when life was simpler and anime tastes were worse to take a moment and reflect on what shows have remained stuck in the fandom’s mind all these years later.


0:00 – Introductions and what have we been watching lately
24:52 – Kyoto Animation given Women in Animation Diversity Award
31:00 – Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex, Eden of the East) announces next project in the works
36:07 – First-ever anime and manga university department established
46:33 – SHITSUMON! A trip through the decade. What are the most impactful shows of 2010?
1:37:22 – Closing remarks


Intro – “Irony” by ClariS (OreImo opening theme)
Outro – “Brave Song” by Aoi Tada (Angel Beats ending theme)

Heralding from the rustic, old town of Los Angeles, California; Matthew now resides in Boston where he diligently researches the cure for cancer. In reality, though, he just wants to play games and watch anime, and likes talking about them way too much. A Nintendo/Sony hybrid fan with a soft-spot for RPG’s, he finds little beats sinking hours into an immersive game world.

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