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Anime Ichiban 31: The Episode Where We Get Political



Disclaimer: This episode of Anime Ichiban dives into issues covering veganism and the discourse surrounding it. We have done our best to present our ideas in an approachable and understanding fashion, but understand that these views may not be shared with our audience. We welcome any and all discussion but simply ask that you respect opposing viewpoints.

In this (spicy) episode, Matt is away, leaving Harry and Kyle to dig into the politics surrounding The Promised Neverland. Wait, politics? In my anime?! It’s more likely than you think.


0:00 – Introductions and what we’ve been up to
11:05 – (NEWS) The effects of COVID-19 bringing light to problems in the anime industry
23:47 – (NEWS) The Weekend collaborates with D’Art Shtajio to create an anime music video
28:48 – (NEWS) Viz to publish “Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom From Nintendo’s Legendary CEO”
40:02 – SHITSUMON! The Promised Neverland as an allegory for veganism and the (murky) discourse surrounding it


Intro – “Sora Ni Utaeba” by amazarashi (My Hero Academia OP3)
Outro – “Sanbika” by Eir Aoi (Kill La Kill OST)

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