Anime Ichiban 29: Showing Tropes the Ropes

by Matthew Ponthier

The crew is back to discuss the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement in the context of the anime industry as well as ponder why we watch so many tropey anime.


0:00 – Introductions and what have we been watching
13:41 – The anime industry and Black Lives Matter
32:08 – Anime studios’ opinions on partnering with Netflix
42:49 – Covid-19’s impact on anime production and how studios are working around it
49:37 – Lightning news roundup
1:05:12 – SHITSUMON! What are some of the worst anime tropes and what are some examples of them used in a meaningful way?


Intro – “ebb and flow” by Ray (Nagi no Asukura opening theme)
Outro – “Kimi wa Tenneniro” by Eiichi Ohtaki (Kakushigoto ending theme)

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