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Anime Ichiban 25: Recipe for Romance

The Anime Ichiban crew is in a Valentine’s mood and discuss what makes for a memorable romance and couple in anime. Oh, and some pseudo-hentai got yanked from streaming and broadcast services.


16:08 – Carole & Tuesday Director, Shinichiro Watanabe, Interview
22:12 – Interspecies Reviewers‘s Removal from Streaming and Broadcasting Platforms
30:15 – Paranoia Agent Streaming for First Time Ever
33:49 – Japanese Publishing Industry Statistics
38:13 – Fate/Grand Order Global Revenue
41:50 – Main Event: What makes for a compelling romance in anime? What are some of our favorites? What can the anime medium accomplish with romance that others can’t?


Intro – “Uso no Hibana” by 96neko (Scum’s Wish opening theme)
Outro – “Hold Me Now” by Vo.Nai BrXX & Celeina (Carole & Tuesday ending theme)

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