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Anime Ichiban Podcast

Anime Ichiban #11: Take the Good, Take the Bad

With Matt away for this episode of Anime Ichiban, Harry and Kyle dig in against the harsh winter weather with things that cheer us up!



With Matt away for this episode, Harry and Kyle dig in and brace against the harsh winter weather with anime and games that cheer us up. On the flipside, we also dig into shows and other things that make us feel absolutely miserable! Fun times ahead!


0:00 – Introductions and What We’ve Been Playing
13:26 – How Anime, Manga, and Games Get Us Out of Funks
42:09 – The Good (and Bad) of Social Media
50:04 – Lessons On How Not to be a Jerk

Intro – Miku by Anamanaguchi (feat. Hatsune Miku) [Japanese Version]

Outro – Shiny Ray by YURiKA (Little Witch Academia OP 1)

Kyle grew up with a controller in one hand and a book in the other. He would've put something else in a third hand, but science isn't quite there yet. In the meantime, he makes do with watching things like television, film, and anime. He can be found posting ramblings on or trying to hop on the social media bandwagon @LikeTheRogue

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