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YouTuber Gets Creative with ‘Animal Crossing’ Recreations



It would seem that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is still maintaining its popularity despite being released way back in March. The game has been a consistent source of inspiration for creators of all kinds, including YouTuber Great-Bit Arcade who has been recreating various cartoon moments and theme songs within the game.

Great Bit Arcade is not the only YouTuber out there recreating various pop culture favourites in Animal Crossing, but they are definitely one of the best when it comes to the quality and detail of their content. Each video is perfectly synced with the original, such as the “Ants In My Eyes Johnson” recreation of the skit of the same name from Rick and Morty. The mouth moves perfectly in time with the dialogue and there are even ants crawling around the villagers eyes like in the original. There is something about the scene being acted out in cute Animal Crossing Style that makes it even more hilarious.

Gravity Falls is another of the cartoons that Great-Bit Arcade has recreated.

As well as viral hits (there’s even a recreation of the creepy Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared video which is a little more sinister with Animal Crossing characters), Great Bit Arcade has also recreated some various cartoon introductions. The most recent is a recreation of The Simpsons intro, which is incredibly well done and superbly detailed. The various Simpsons characters popping up in Animal Crossing form is cute enough as it is but Great Bit- Arcade has ensured that every character is perfectly represented in the same order that they are shown in the shows intro sequence. For example, a couch gag is added at the end of the video- The Simpsons are greeted by Isabella and Tom Nook as they go to sit down- just like in the real introduction. It is the little touches that make all the difference in this kind of content and Great-Bit Arcade certainly provides this.

For more of Great-Bit Arcade’s videos, check out their YouTube channel here and you can watch their latest Animal Crossing video below.

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