An Obsessed Santa’s PS5 Wish Takes a Dark Turn in this Dark SNL Christmas Parody Video

by Jason Venter

Saturday Night Live skits are often a reflection of our times, and what could better reflect the 2020 holiday season than some kid wishing for a PS5? But as one of the most recent clips from that comedy institution demonstrates, some children are older than others. And some of them handle rejection… worse.

The SNL video begins as elves read aloud letters from children and an approving Santa Claus (guest host Jason Bateman) smiles and nods. Then comes a less conventional letter, which segues into a scene depicting a young man named Stu (memorably portrayed by Pete Davidson) as he writes a series of letters to Saint Nick. As the letters go unanswered, the fan’s missives become increasingly strained, and his girlfriend (Kate McKinnon) even shares some thoughts of her own while promoting Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Does the above summary sound vaguely familiar? It very well may if you’ve been watching music videos over the decades. SNL’s whole video is a parody of a classic Eminem rap. Key scenes are lovingly recreated with a few wise modifications to fit the Christmas theme. Also, there is less swearing.

If you have a moment, watch the first video embedded below to witness the goodness for yourself. There are some terrific lines and moments we won’t spoil here. This one has all the makings of a holiday classic in the Bad Santa vein. And just in case you never saw the original video the SNL PS5 skit lampoons, we’re also embedding that one below for your convenience. Think of it as our Christmas gift to you!

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