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‘Among Us’: The Two Year Old Indie Game Taking Over The Web



Move over Fall Guys, there is a new viral indie game in town. Among Us is an online multiplayer game for iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows which was released way back in June of 2018. Despite not receiving a huge amount of attention upon its initial release, the game received a recent spike in popularity due to YouTubers and Twitch streamers playing it. The game was developed and published by a three person indie game studio by the name of Inner Sloth. So what is that has struck a chord with the online community when it comes to Among Us?

A lot of games that tend to go viral usually have the same basic structure: a simple premise done well enough to give the game plenty of replay value. Among Us is no exception. The game has up to ten players taking on the roles of cute and colourful space folk going about their business whilst trying to maintain their spaceship. Oh, and one of them is an Imposter trying to murder them all. There can be up to three Imposters per game, depending on how the host sets it up but most players will be Crewmates. The Crewmates need to work together to complete tasks and uncover the identity of the Imposter before it is too late. Like I said, simple yet effective. The Imposters can hide in ducts and the Crewmates are able to summon everyone together via the Emergency Meeting button. You can also equip some fancy headwear for your character or buy a little pet or mini crewmate for them. This gets more depressing if you get murdered though as your companion will sit sadly by your corpse.

There is a lot of fun to be had when the Crewmates start to get paranoid and point fingers at one another. Once you have voted on who you think The Imposter is, the person with the most votes gets the boot. There is often a painful moment of realising that you have ejected an innocent Crewmate into the cold vacuum of space. Whoops. There are the trolls too, as is to be expected with this kind of game. The sort who smashes the Emergency Meeting button just to get an innocent kicked off the ship. Or it could be a particularly clever Imposter pressing the button in an attempt to frame the Crewmate who saw them. That’s the fun with Among Us. Unless the Imposter is really bad at their job, you can never be completely sure who to trust. When the paranoia builds, that’s when the fun begins.

As is the case with anything viral, the fan content has been flooding into various social media websites. From animations to fan art and even fan made skins based on other pop culture characters (similar to what happened with Fall Guys). Have a look at my personal favourite fan animation video for Among Us below. It goes from funny to heart-breaking so very quickly.  Among Us will be receiving a sequel so to keep up to date, check out Inner Sloth’s website here. Among Us is out available now, so go download it!

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